It’s time to get excited!

One week and a day until the official release of my new album “Megaphones”! Are you getting excited yet?

I am feeling the excitement, and feeling slightly panicky in between. :) But I would like to think that it’s only normal at this stage. Whenever I hear the songs, I feel happy with the final audio product and excited to know that it is almost done! It’s been a long process getting here, and releasing the free version of “Free Fall” has been on my mind for an even longer time. I still feel like I can’t quite relax until I’m holding a physical copy of the album though, and know that it turned out as great as I hoped.

I thought I would write a little bit about the album here, to give you all a bit of an idea what it’s all about.




The name of the album is, as I mentioned earlier, “Megaphones”. The megaphones represent all the voices of today’s society trying to define us and tell us who we are and should be. As a Christian there is really only one voice that should ring true in our hearts, and that’s the voice of our Creator and heavenly Father. Yet there will always be other loud voices trying to tell us lies, and sometimes they even come from within ourselves.

Many of the songs on the album deal with this issue, the struggle we face in life; between what the world says about us, what we think about ourselves and what God says about us. Our whole life we’ll be forced to re-discover who we are in different situations and re-define what our place is in this world. Yet through every change in life, God remains the same and no challenge the world will throw at us will ever be a surprise for Him. This is what I have clinged to so far, in my life. Whenever I feel like I’m loosing track of who I am or what I am meant to do, I find myself longing for some quiet time with my Saviour, Jesus Christ.

I learned from experience, that sometimes all we need to do is sit with Him, and let Him tell us how much He loves us. Reaching out to hear what He thinks of the whole situation and feel the love He has for us as His children.

We listen in different ways, for me the reaching out involved singing out to him from the bottom of my heart and then waiting for the answer to come. Letting go of control and trusting Him to move me in the way He saw necessary, and maybe not in the way I would expect or plan. I needed to experience the true love of God and I was hungry for His truth about me. Yet the truth is not always easy to hear or simple to grasp. But with God’s help, and the Holy Spirit speaking His truths in our hearts, we can get closer to the ones we were meant to be.

Because I believe that God created every single one of us with a purpose and a plan, I think the best thing to do is to try and listen to Him when we live our everyday lives and encounter the everyday struggles. It’s an ongoing challenge and sometimes we fall off track, but He is always there to help us stand up again. If we only dare to stop and listen, we will learn that He still cares and His heart is still beating for His people.

I wrote the songs while going through this kind of struggles myself, and they deal with both the doubts during the low points and the relief and wonder of it all when I realised that my God was still worth believing in. And more so, realising that He still believed in me.

Some of the songs also deal with the feelings involved when we have to take a step out in faith. The fears, the freedom, the white sheet of paper which are waiting to be filled. “Free Fall” is one of these songs, and it describes the feeling of doubt when we face decisions that might seem crazy to the world, but make sense when we want to follow God’s lead.

On “Megaphones” I have also included two songs about relationships. One is “Understand the lonely” which I wrote while being single in a world which seemed to be full of happy couples. The other one is “Go With God” which is a song that I wrote once for when my friends got married and I have sung it at many weddings since then. People have continuously asked me if I haven’t recorded that one yet, so here it is now. :)

So basically that’s it. Of course I could go into more depth about separate songs, but I have to leave a little bit to people’s own interpretations and imaginations. :)

So, are you excited yet? :)

I am! :)