The process of an album

There’s quite a lot of stages in making an album.

I’ve had some material lying around for a while, just waiting to be recorded and used, so it’s nice to get use of those songs. To me, it feels like a big waste if I have all these songs just hidden and for no one to hear. After all, most of the time, I write for others, not just for my own amusement. And the biggest reward for me, is to know that my music is out there, being listened to and perhapsĀ encouragingĀ someone in their walk of faith and life.

Yet, my strengths and enjoyments lie there, in the musical side of things, and when it comes to making an album, unfortunately there are a lot of other aspects involved. So much is demanded of an artist who wants to put their work out there, without losing the copyright and credit for what they’ve done. And the whole planning stage of things, really isn’t my strongest point. I like to be a bit impulsive and take the day as it comes. So when embarking on a project like this, it involves a lot of hassle for someone like me. :)

I’m learning though, slowly. :) And somehow I thought this album would be easier, because I’ve done it before.

It was five years ago though so a lot of the things I learned then, are far back in my mind. :) But it is a little bit easier. I now know that once it’s done, it will bring joy, both to me and others who like what they hear. Last time I didn’t know if anyone would be interested in buying the CD once it was done. At least now, I think you’re still out there, all you people who bought the previous album. Are you still out there?

Well, I am still here, although I haven’t been making a lot of noise. :)

Maybe it’s my artistic way. I like to hibernate for a while to be creative and write and do gigs occasionally, and then when the time is right I step out into the world again. So, here I am. :) I hope you’re still listening.

It’s all a walk of faith. But as long as you keep walking, it will work.

Anyhow. I need to tend to my daughter now. :) Once a mother, always a mother. Once an artist, always an artist.