Maria started playing the piano and singing from a young age, listening to her older sisters when they played music and sang. Through her interest in writing and poetry she also started to write songs. She grew up in a Swedish speaking part of Finland, so her main language was Swedish, but her fascination with other languages soon inspired her to also write in English. Her Christian faith as well as life and experiences are a big inspiration and from the start she wanted to make music that reached out to people and made them think and feel better. Even though she was writing songs, she only started to seriously look into performing and recording them when she was studying music and leadership in a Christian college in Huskvarna, Sweden. There she got to develop her musical gifts and got the encouragement to start performing her own songs more. After her time in Sweden Maria moved back to her home country to work as a church youth leader for about a year. During that year she also met up with her husband-to-be, from England, which later led to her moving there. In the UK Maria wrote more songs, played at different venues and was involved with worship in her local church. In late 2010 Maria and her husband decided to move back to Finland, where they currently live.


During her two years in Sweden Maria recorded her first album, called "His Will Be Done". It was recorded in 2005 with the help of friends at the college and only distributed to family, friends and at her gigs in Finland and Sweden. When Maria was back in Finland again, she started to record another album, this time with the help of friend and music producer Johannes Häger. Häger lives in Sweden so the recording process took place in both countries and the album "On His Shoulders" was released in the beginning of 2008. Some of the songs from "On His Shoulders" got radio play both in Finland and abroad. Most talked about is maybe the country inspired songs found on "On His Shoulders", e.g. the song "If God Made You Willing" which is an upbeat song about daring to follow your dream and using the talents God has given you.