future plans.

just listened through the songs of my upcoming album.

I think it will be good, actually!

I just hope and pray that it won’t completely fail financially. haha. because at the moment, myself, my husband, the producer and a selected few are the only ones to have heard fractions of it, and liked the sound of it.
I always wonder, – will people really buy this? – will people like it? – will all the work behind it be worth while in the end?

because I have put a lot of heart and soul into the words and melodies. And it feels like I’m putting myself out there. Like I just spent lots of money buying this fancy fabric, and made myself a dress in my own design and I have to walk out into the public only to be judged on my appearance.

I’m freaking out at points.

and other times, I’m well excited! :)

because part of me wants to go for it at full speed and with all my heart.

and part of me says “aaaaaaaah!! what am I doing!?! I’m a stay at home mum, not an artist!!”

but I try to just not feel right now.


I have a few gigs for the summer, and I also would like to arrange one or more release gigs for the new album to make the most of it and really try to sell my work and have fun, doing it properly.

the last album was finished just before I moved to England. which meant I didn’t have a proper release gig, I never heard my song played randomly on the radio (I heard it on my laptop, over the internet, but that’s just like listening to my itunes really.)

so, with the joy of hearing the almost finished product, comes the nervous feeling that I have to organise lots of things now. A band (which can learn the new songs fairly quickly and play them similar to the recording), venues and dates for release gigs (where, when and who to ask…) and of course there are a few other things to consider…

…album artwork…releasing singles before the album release…promotion, promotion, promotion…

all the while, trying not to spend too much money and still retaining the standard I would like to represent.

it’s not a piece of cake this whole thing. making an album.

sometimes I wish I had a manager. :)


so, if you pray. feel free to pray. I am in constant need for it at the moment. :) it’s not a life┬áthreatening disease or the end of the world, but it’s important to me.

and if you have any other tips, please DO share!