Album Release at Midsummer Festival

So, a few days have gone now since the album release gig at Midsummerfestival. It was great to be on stage and perform the songs from the new album with the band for the first time! :) I loved it and I loved the responses I got from people during and after the gig.
The weather was great and what a place Pörkenäs is for a midsummer festival!
It feels great to have the album out there now, and to hear people’s opinions and encouragement! I can’t believe we got there! the album is finished! Now there is of course some marketing and distribution left to do still, but we finally have the product and result of what we’ve been working actively with and praying to finish for a year or so now. In fact the whole process started even earlier than that, as we recorded demos in our flat in England back in 2010. It’s been a long process, and we got side-tracked a couple of times, but now it all is made worth while with the new album released!

It might seem like this is the time when I get to relax and let the music speak for itself. But in some ways this is where it all begins. I have heard the songs and sang them so many times, but everyone else out there has’t. Now is when the interacting begins. And I would love to hear from you! After all, I didn’t write these songs merely for my own amusement, but to create something to give away.
On stage on Friday, I gave my everything, I told my story and shared my lyrics and music with the audience. It somehow feels like you are opening up parts of your private diary to the people listening. My struggles,fears and joy, put into words and music, was hung on display. That’s why I love it when people respond to my music. It makes it all worth while. Because if I don’t get a response, I might as well have left the song unsung in that notebook. No, I write for others, not mainly for myself. Sure, it might have a therapeutic effect on me as well, but there is no reason to share it if it’s only therapy. So, if my music matters to you, and there is a specific song or lyric that you like, please share with me. And I will know that my music has done what I hoped it would, reached out to someone.

That was my little post of the day. :)
I will add the song lyrics here on the web page, one by one, so that you can all follow what I’m singing.
Check out the new album if you haven’t, it’s available for download and/or ordering at and now also at iTunes
get your copy now! :)